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The Naked Dog *GRAIN FREE* Naked Fish Treats 100g - Proudly Made In The UK (x 2 -100g Pouch)


What did we want to do? Create a Pet Reward that wasn't being made in China and shipped hundreds of miles to the UK. Create a Pet Reward That had clear Natural ingredients Grown & Produced In The UK A Free From Treat *NO GRAIN**NO ADDITIVES**FREE FROM WHEAT & WHEAT GLUTEN* Why Grain Free? Grain Free recipes are ideal for dogs with sensitivity or intolerance to grains or gluten; a great alternative to rice or cereal based recipes. Pet food formulated without grains may help to alleviate common symptoms of grain sensitivity or intolerance. Potential benefits of Grain Free diets can include: 1- Less and smaller stools 2- Reduced shedding 3- Improved Skin & Coat condition 4- Improved Breath Odour 5- Reduced Wind 6- Reduced itching, scratching and digestive upsets

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